The Last Scene Kid On Earth

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oh my god im getting like 3 hours of sleep and elissa is driving us back home and then im napping for a few more hours and driving to pittsburgh lmao im gonna be so dead by monday

i saw citizen twice tonight it was cool also circa survive was super sweet too.

honestly my voice is so gone i cant talk without squeaking or losing it entirely its so bad and im going to another festival tomorrow



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Emily just walked in the room like “oh my god look at the front page of the paper”

ALSO I met izzy cutiepolice last night she’s so funny we’re hopefully hanging out again tonight.

I saw modern baseball twice last night and they were so good both times and they played old gospel choir for the first time!!!! So great tbh also emily asked between songs if they could play anaconda by nicki minaj and brendan was like “we dont know that one yet……ian could do the dance though ill be drake” and ian was like “what…..I dont know what that is”